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Album Review: Acid Gambit - Omen

Atlanta Darksynth mastermind Acid Gambit is here with a brand new album, "Omen". Acid Gambit has a very signature style that makes his work so unique in my opinion, It's very atmospheric and much less aggressive than the other Darksynth contemporaries, which leads it in the special space of being heavy, but not in your face. They also love using quotes from B-Movies throughout all the tracks (I really wonder how expansive their library is, it's almost like Acid Gambit has a quote for everything.) I bring this up to say that "Omen" looks at those subdued horror of past Acid Gambit releases and throws them out the window.

This album is loud. It's mean and in your face about it.

And I absolutely love it.

It still feels like Acid Gambit at it's core, the tracks are more mid tempo, but really get into this horror groove, really selling the feeling that this is the soundtrack to an alien movie that never was. The new vibe comes from a HUGE industrial sound, which was present on previous releases, but cranked to 11 here. The opener, "Impact", really caught me by surprised and is the perfect intro into this new nightmare, with it's RIPPING guitar/bass lead. Other tracks like "Buried in Ice" are so cold (pun semi-intended) but so full of energy it's hard to not get pulled into the experience. You get some more standard sounding Acid Gambit on tracks like "Ancient Remains" and "Secret War", but that's not bad by any means, those tracks are just as much a joy as all the others on display here.

"Omen" is a fantastic album, Acid Gambit's best in my opinion. It takes what made their music intensely interesting and cranks it up, bringing some really awesome new sounds to the table. If you like horror synth, Sci-fi synth (is that a thing has that been officially branded yet?), industrial or Darksynth, absolutely do not skip out on "Omen".

Check it out here and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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