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Album Review: Acid Gambit - Entity

Atlanta based producer Acid Gambit returns with their 3rd album, "Entity", a Sci-Fi Horror masterwork; an album full of deep cyber-horror, a sound Acid Gambit has perfected. Utilizing samples from Sci-Fi Horror B-Movies, "Entity" fills you with suspense and dread and it progressed, erecting a soundscape like none other, blending the best parts of Darksynth and 80's horror soundtracks with the 50's fear of the extra-terrestrial. There's something here for any fan of Synthwave; tracks like "Ectogenesis" draw you in with a suspenseful beat, layered with eerie leads, and revel in the atmosphere it builds, while tracks like "Hybrid Beings" bring the energy up to a more aggressive Darksynth action track, bringing the horror vibes up to 11. This album is fantastic in all aspects, and perfect for any time you want to feel what it's like hiding from an invasion by something unknown; something beyond our human understanding.

Check it out here, and consider purchasing it on Bandamp.

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