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Album Review: Megatronix - PowerWave

Baltimore based duo Megatronix rockets out with their debut album titled "PowerWave" and holy shit what an album it is. Before we actually get talking about the album, I want to talk about how I got introduced to the band. It was on the Baltimore stop of Street Cleaner and Protector 101's Deconstructure Tour, I convinced a friend to drive with me down to Baltimore to see the show, and as we both prepped for the main event, these two people who I can only describe as the definition of the 2 sides of Synthwave took the stage, Power Rob on vocals (Left on the album cover) and Dark Rob (Right on the album cover). They commenced to absolutely TEAR. IT. UP. They said it was their first show, my friend and I were absolutely floored. This album had not come out yet, but their set was packed with tracks from it. Months past, and "PowerWave" fully unleashed. Now we're actually going to talk about the album.

What you see on the cover perfectly illustrates what you'll get when you dive into "PowerWave", a heaping dose of Synthwave's lighter side, but all wrapped in a heavier/metal production, creating a blend that illustrates the best of both worlds, but compromises on neither. Power Rob's vocals are clean as hell and are packed with energy on every single track, bringing absolute heat in every performance. The Production, done by Dark Rob, is a classic synth fan's dream; layered in heavy synth leads, bombastic drum fills and where needed absolutely ripping power-metal instrumentation. Tracks like "It Spoke to Us", "Burnin' in the Third Degree", and "I Fight Time" are absolute powerhouses, while tracks like "The Line of Fire" and "The Ghoul" are more subdued, letting you rest before you're thrust back into the grip of the metal mayhem. The album ends on 2 absolute MONSTERS of tracks, taking a fifth of the album's whole runtime in total, but both are magnificent in their own right.

In summary, "PowerWave" is exactly what it says on the tin; Power Metal and Synthwave butting heads, creating absolute magic. If you even remotely like synthwave or Power Metal, you NEED to check this album out, It is an absolute 'Power'house, and should not be missed.

Check it out here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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