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Hey everyone, hope you're doing well, or as well as you can be. Just announcing a few things that are new about the site, and an update about the state of things here.


So as alluded to in the title, Synthpocalypse now has a playlist on Spotify. We've done our best to curate and pick some of our favorite tracks from artists featured on the site, as well as artists we enjoy that have not been covered here. We know how insane it is to find traction on Spotify, as playlists are the primary factor in getting plays, so we wanted to help get some light on some of our favorites. We also tried to make it as fair as possible, each artist gets 1 song on the list, giving no single or few artists a random advantage to get plays. The last key thing to note is that while we will be periodically updating the playlist with new favorites and rotating tracks from artists, so that there will always be something fresh and new, we will NOT be adding tracks to the playlist via submissions. While tracks and albums can be submitted for consideration to be featured on the site, that will not effect whether or not something gets placed on the playlist. It's as simple as we want to share tracks we like on a platform that we know lots of people use.

Check out the list here, and follow it to see new updates and just discover some great tunes!


We've added a button at the very bottom of the page for donations if you'd like to support the site. We want the site to be 100% free and offer an ad free experience, as well as not charging artists to be featured or anything like that, the site is purely run on free publicity and sharing what we love. Operating the site isn't free though, and while there is no worry that the site will go down soon or anything like that, donations are the best way to support the site. They are absolutely not necessary, but any amount is appreciated. Another note; donating to the site does not give anyone specific precedence to be featured here on the site, it would unethical and go against what we stand for. We want the site to be a place where every artist is on a level playing field to get a spotlight, so while again donations are extremely beneficial, they will not influence placement on the site.


So to be perfectly transparent, we have A LOT, like a metric fuck-ton of stuff we want to cover. Our inbox is flooded with submissions, as well as all the things we find we want to cover. Over the past few months we have been swamped by the holidays, our full time work, as well as moving locations, and of course the ongoing world crisis. We're trying our best to go though all the emails and cover everyone we want to, but it takes a lot of time, and every day we fall more and more behind. We're going to be taking the approach of working on what we want to work on, at our own pace. We apologize to anyone who is inconvenienced by this decision, but it's the only thing we can do to keep the quality up, and keep us from completely burning out. We will have some more reviews up soon, but just being transparent with everyone.

Thank you to all the support we have received, it really motivates us to keep making awesome content and sharing what we love about our scene.



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