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Echosynthetic Fest Part III: First Blood Part II **TICKET GIVAWAY**

Hey, thats me on there! -GhostHost

As Autumn comes bearing down on us, that can only mean one thing: Echosynthetic Fest is near, and this is the first year that I will be able to attend, and wow what a line up. The lineup of artists here is INSANE, and I'm not just saying that because I'm playing. The East/West coast powerhouses of Glitch Black, Gregorio Franco, Watch Out For Snakes, Vampire Step-Dad, Frisky Monkey, Acid Gambit; Street Cleaner, Protector 101, Starfarer, and Neuron Spectre respectively is beyond incredible. As well as some niche artists like Unholy Rat King, Finite Automata, Into The Void, Electronic Warbear, WraithWalker, and System 96 makes this lineup phenomenal (As well as my set of course, but its less about me, and more about everyone else!). In celebration of that, We here at Synthpocalypse will be giving away one 2 NIGHT PASS for Echosynthetic Fest this year! This pass will get you in to see ALL the acts shown here for ABSOLUTELY FREE! the show is 21+ however, so if that is an issue, sorry about that, I also cannot provide transportation to the show if you are not in the area, as this site is run with absolutely ZERO budget, so that's just how it is unfortunately.

That being said, if you want to enter to win this 2 night pass, All you have to do is follow Synthpocalypse on Twitter (, and comment on the post that will go up acompanying this article! those names will be randomized, and then the winner will be chosen on November 1st! It's gonna be a fantastic night, and if you are a Synthwave/Darksynth fan in the area, this show is not to be missed. Below will be links to one track from every artist on the lineup, just so you can get a flavor of the talent performing.


Into The Void does not have a Bandcamp Page to link.

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