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Album Review: VVOV - Verminkind

Finnish EBM outfit VVOV is back with a brand new EP, titled "Verminkind", which is chocked to the brim with some of VVOV's well known aggro-synth, but has some unique sounds to it that differ it from previous releases. For a lack of better words, this is much more 'groovier' than their other works, while it's all incredibly heavy and black as all get-out, there are plenty of riffs in here that are almost dance-like. Tracks like "Baby Yaga", "Syöpäläinen", and "Omnicide (The Great Filter) are full of these, and they are incredibly catchy in their own right. "Omnicide" in particular, has a very 'final boss' feel, like the battle theme for something like the Cyberdemon or Spider Mastermind from classic DOOM, but still holding on to lots of EBM elements. The track that sits on it's own, "Occultum Lapidem", is a pretty straight-forwawrd black metal track, with additional vocals from Okko Solanterä that really add to the overall vibe. All in all, "Verminkind" is an interesting new stylistic departure from VVOV's standard fare, but that doesn't mean it isn't absolutely brutal and fantastic. If you like you synths black as nails, do not skip out on this.

Check it out here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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