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Album Review: Chris Keya - System Shock

Italian Cyberpunk producer Chris Keya is back with his newest album, "System Shock", building on the sounds he layed out in his previous album, "Chaos Theory". This album comes in hard with the cyberpunk energy, blending aspects of synthwave with EDM and DNB, creating a mesh that is really engaging, and keeps the energy up through out some of the sections that don't move at high speed. A new addition are vocals, taking up two tracks "Sidestreets" and the titular "System Shock", which in my opinion are some of the most powerful tracks on the album, specifically "Sidestreets", which struck a chord and kept with me even after the album was off. Not everything is just dark angry cyberpunk though, tracks like "Hyper Reality" bring up the vibe to a more rave/party style and create a good upbeat experience. All in all, "System Shock" is a really great album, and something that should definitely be given a look by anyone who loves cyberpunk themed tracks, and especially anyone who likes a high speed synth adventure.

Check it out here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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